Choosing the Best Custom Wine Cellar Designers in 2022

Wine cellars are a symbol of prestige to many people. You can’t trust any random designer to build it for you. Since the construction of an unmatched cellar involves dealing with the architecture and refrigeration systems, you need someone experienced for the job. Thus, find the most knowledgeable and creative contractor who will ensure your investment pays off. However, the problem is how to choose the best wine cellar designer when you have so many options out there. 

Be at ease! We are here to take that chip off your shoulders and guide you on choosing the top-notch modern wine cellar designers and builders in 2022. Read on the things you must inquire and look out for during the search process. 

Ask about Their Experience in the Industry

Experience makes specialists who can assure you of your dream wine cellar. Be it residential or commercial, ask the contractors how many years they have spent working in the industry. A proud professional will never hesitate to deliver the answer right away because they know you will buy that. 

Pick One that Also Offers Refrigeration Services

Don’t look for a designer who only does the creative part; look for a team that designs and builds a cellar besides setting up a refrigeration system to keep your wine collection cool. Refrigeration installation is not a piece of cake and requires expertise. Therefore, choose a company that also employs a technical team for the job. 

Inquire about their Wine Room Construction Strategy

The experts know what’s best for the successful functioning of the unit. They understand the crucial role of insulation and vapor barriers in wine room construction. To get an idea of their knowledge, you can inquire how they plan to prepare a wine room for you. If their process starts with the room’s framing, electrical work, and plumbing, followed by correct insulation on the walls and ceiling, hire them.  

Confirm If They Offer Post-Construction Services

What if something doesn’t work as expected? Are they going to offer 24/7 emergency services during such circumstances? Confirm that they will provide a fast response to your emergency calls in clear words. Moreover, make a deal that they will do a routine maintenance check and repair the broken parts in time, so you don’t have to pay for expensive replacements. 

Bottom Line

With someone trusted, you can never be disappointed. Thus, count on Green Refrigeration! We design and build one of the best custom wine cellars in Palm Beach County, Broward County, Florida, and surrounding areas. Our team of certified professionals offers high-quality and unique cellar construction services at affordable rates. Let’s schedule a call with professionals and save more than 35% electricity & save money with our green technology!